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Recommended Courses for CE:

The program recommends you complete a minimum of two (2) advanced and three (3) intermediate courses annually. Each participant must maintain the minimum educational requirements to be in good standing with the designation. If you do not complete your continuing education requirements you will be listed as non-compliant until your certification education requirements are current. Being non-compliant does not exonerate you from your annual or monthly fees. You will be automatically enrolled in a continuing education subscription plan and charge based on the payment plan chosen. You must cancel your designation following the relinquishment guidelines to avoid any responsibility in the upcoming renewal fees.

Recertification Policy:

  • $150 Annual Renewal Fee or $22 Monthly Renewal Fee for access to continuing education resources:
    1. 247+ Continuing Education Units for free
    2. Access to all Virtual Summit Webinar Replays
    3. Coronavirus Workforce Prepardness Training (free)

To log in for your course visit:  https://app.globalhealthcareresources.com/

  1. Click on Top Left menu icon
  2. Go to “My Courses & Learning Plans”
  3. Healthcare Reform will be listed in the Learning Plan, Click on it to view your courses

Here is a screen shot of what you will see when you log in: