You are so lucky!  We have up to 60 hours of amazing content that you gain access to.  You will be so informed you’ll be an expert!

Required Courses for CE:

  • Professionals must obtain a minimum of five continuing education credits per year.  The course breakdown for earning your continuing education credits is as follows:
    1. Professional must earn two credits in advanced study.
    2. Professional must earn three credits in intermediate study.

Recertification Policy:

  • $150 Annual Renewal Fee, per year, for access to continuing education resources:
    1. Membership to online resource center
    2. Ask the Experts’ platform access
    3. Designation maintenance
  • Five modules of continuing education required each year

To log in for your course visit:

  1. Click on “Existing Users Login” Username and Password
  2. Log into your Account
  3. Click on the CEU Tab (found in top navigation on the page)
  4. Select a link

Here is a screen shot of what you will see when you log in: