1. Complete the registration process in our website https://healthcarereformcertification.com/contact/
  2. Complete the online enrollment in our learning system.
  3. Download the certification Workbook, as this will help in completing the exam later.
  4. Complete nine modules of core content (estimated time eight hours)
  5. Pass the exam with a minimum of 75% (estimated time two hours) must be completed 60 days from the enrollment date)
  6. Download the Certification certificate and logo.

Our certification program will renew annually, along with the subscription to the E-Library resources.

These resources include the continuing education classes (CEU’s) for all our certification programs, reports, virtual summits, and our COVID-19 training.

The program has the option of two renewal fees $150.00 annually or $22.00 monthly, which are set on an auto-billing and auto-renewal cycle from the enrollment date.

The program recommends you complete a minimum of two (2) advanced and three (3) intermediate courses annually. Each participant must maintain the minimum educational requirements to be in good standing with the designation. If you do not complete your continuing education requirements you will be listed as non-compliant until your certification education requirements are current. Being non-compliant does not exonerate you from your annual or monthly fees. You will be automatically enrolled in a continuing education subscription plan and charge based on the payment plan chosen. You must cancel your designation following the relinquishment guidelines to avoid any responsibility in the upcoming renewal fees.

We have over 80+ hours of continuing education in our learning management system that you can access on-demand. You can attend one of our live virtual summits (webinars), which are held monthly, or watch them on-demand at your leisure after the date. You can submit content from other educational sessions to be reviewed by our team. You can also attend our annual conference and obtain your CEUs live at the event.

Yes, you can take the exam up to two times without having to pay a fee. If you are not able to pass the exam after the second time, you will be required to pay a re-examination fee of $200. Please contact [email protected] for assistance
Yes, in most cases. Many employers reimburse their employees for specialized continuing education. Please check with your organization to see if they will reimburse you for the certification. If you need assistance in obtaining approval to be reimbursed, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].
Your certification will become active as soon as you pass the exam. However, the subscription to the Continuing Education modules starts from the moment the account is created.

The exam is designed by HR professionals to make sure that you understand and have retained the information outlined in the educational sessions and online courses. It’s also a key factor that differentiates our certification from others in that it gives the program much more valuable as it allows you to test your skills for learning and proves that you’ve personally gained the knowledge for certification. Most importantly, it shows prospective employers that you’ve done your due diligence in learning what is most important in healthcare reform and its effect on your benefits and healthcare programs.

Our program is unique because our instructors are human resource and wellness specialists in the field of health & well-being who understand the timeline of implementation of different laws, the landscape of well-being programs and the pillars of well-being. The program does not cover theoretical or hypothetical situations. They are not vendors, service providers, or consultants who are selling the services. Participants are learning best practices from actual industry professionals that are experts in understanding current trends, rules, and regulations.

Yes, you may download the workbook in the learning management system when you begin the course.

The Healthcare Reform Specialist spent the over a decade developing the Healthcare Reform Certification® certification. We partnered with senior leaders from some of the most successful industry leading companies to incorporate industry best practices. In collaboration with one another, we’ve put together very topical and industry-specific information for this program. The certification was created as the main source of information for employers, consultants, health insurance agents, insurance companies, healthcare providers, governmental entities, and other industry stakeholders. It’s designed to provide a central point of education and information for the implications of the industry. Our Healthcare Reform Certification® course is the most comprehensive program available and will give you an actual designation that will not only be helpful to build your knowledge base but also develop you into a more marketable individual. Recipients of the certification must pass a comprehensive exam showing a thorough understanding of healthcare reform current trends, rules, and regulations. Certification is not granted to those who simply “sit in” on the certification programs. Exam questions are developed through the Healthcare Reform and Education Committee which is made up of professionals who are experts in wellness. Our program offers continuing education credits to ensure that participants stay up-to-date on industry best practices and case studies.

This Certification comes with a Subscription to the continuing educations classes with access to the E-Library containing the continuing education modules of all our certification programs. You will learn about Medical Tourism, Healthcare Reform, Corporate Wellness, and Self-insurance. All this for the same annual renewal fee. You will be automatically enrolled in a continuing education subscription plan, and charge based on the payment plan chosen.

Participants can take their exam through our online digital learning platform, right after completing the nine modules of core content. Our certification online program is set up consecutively to ensure all modules have been completed prior to the exam.

When a certification is no longer needed, a written cancellation request must be sent to [email protected], and the account must be current with payment. To avoid paying any upcoming fees, the request must be received at least 60 days before the renewal date. Cancellations over the phone will not be accepted, nor will they substitute this relinquishment process. All cancellation requests must be received and confirmed in writing.

The system will send you three renewal reminders 90-60-30-days prior to the renewal date.