If we want to reform health care for the better, if we want to do so with a solution that is as essential as it is effective, if we want to educate the least among us to be the best of any people at home and abroad, if we want to save lives & to literally have the means to save our fellow citizens  we must, then, make life support training the priority it should be; the priority it must be. Everything else is secondary to that fact, because if we lack the knowledge to act in the moment – if we do not know how to act, should this moment arise & nothing else will matter. Reforming our health care system, including the health insurance industry, begins with our acceptance of the power of life support training.

Teaching people how to save a life is one of the many things an organization like the Disque Foundation performs. By helping underserved communities throughout the United States and elsewhere, this foundation proves how invaluable a service it provides; how immeasurable and incredible & it is to save a life, thanks to CPR training; how it indispensable this ability is to ensure a healthy and productive city, township, village or neighborhood. This effort alone confirms how one thing can become a very big thing, meaning a resource of this kind can do more to reform health care than most academic studies or grand attempts at writing legislation.

For example, The Disque Foundation’s Save a Life Initiative offers the world’s first free life support training courses online. Saving lives means giving others the chance to make a difference in the world. The group’s goal is to empower a million people with the ability to save a life by 2020.

That goal is achievable I have no doubt the initiative will exceed its goal because it demonstrates how focusing on something concrete and specific can yield impressive results. We need to support this program, not simply because it is a noble effort, but because it is a live tutorial concerning how to make health care reform (or an element of health care reform) a reality for tens of thousands, for hundreds of thousands of Americans; for a million Americans and more.

We need to include this initiative in discussions about health care reform. The experts who can guide us, and the communities that can inspire us, are eager to join this discussion. We can benefit from their insight and benefit the country with their intelligence. For life support training is anything but theoretical. It is a class that no economic class should ignore, either.

With this material at our disposal, it would be foolish to dismiss this opportunity or to deny the significance of this chance to save lives in general. Let us, therefore, do everything we can to reform health care by improving it with strategies that work. Let us strengthen it with tactics that work for the good of all.

About the Author

Lewis Fein writes about a variety of health and wellness issues, in addition to pieces about technology, business, and management. Based in Southern California, you may email him at [email protected]