Being certified continues to build my knowledge and credibility; it helps to develop who I am.
MaryBeth Boehnlein, Total Rewards Design Manager, Yum! Brands
Being certified continues to build my knowledge and credibility; it helps to develop who I am.
Sally Luck, HR Director, Hallmark
I really think this certification will be the new standard in the industry.
Paula C. Kennedy, Master Facilitator, Cigna
I think if anyone is going to be working in healthcare reform, one of the best things to do is get certified. The certification program that I went through is one of the best that I’ve ever experienced.
Tara Smith, Manager of Payroll & Benefits, Public Building Commission of Chicago
The certification for me is a big plus for my profession as a whole and for my career.
Michael Lujan, President, Limelight Health
Having a CHRS designation means that people know that I’m up-to-date. It means that you have credentials behind your background. I like to say that I’m known in my industry, but when they see the CHRS designation, they know that I am on top of the latest developments.
Marion Williams, Human Resources Professional, MJW Consulting
I would recommend everyone receive their certification in healthcare reform because it puts you at an advantage with employers in regards to the Affordable Care Act and where it’s going.
Ellen Exum, Director, Health Benefits & Health Promotion Strategy & Design, IBM
The important reason to get certified is so that you can have the credentials to speak from an insurance perspective, in addition to an employer perspective or a buyer perspective.
Darci J. Dunn, Senior Manager, Benefits, Sirius XM Radio Inc.
We can run around with the certification and let people know that we actually care about what’s going on and are informed and making sure that our clients know that we’re as up to date as we possibly can be.
Chris Martinelli, Benefits Manager, City of Rochester
I feel that certification gives me an edge and constant information. Its information sharing and networking, getting to know other people that were in the same certification that I was. I think that it’s really given me a closeness to what I do.
Stuart Byron, Principal, Affordable Care Strategies, LLC
This was a great conference because it allowed me to see what other people are doing in the industry. I could also meet with benefit consultants and brokers. But, mostly to hear the experts in healthcare and people from the government, that’s what I thought was great about the conference.
Ronnell Nolan, President, Health Agents for America
So, as an agent we’re trying to figure out what this law means. You brought it to us, up close and personal. We were able to ask the questions that we needed to ask that were totally unanswered.
Geeta Chawla, Consultant, BizConsulting Xerator
I needed to get certified to get credibility with my clients, so I can be a trusted adviser, and navigate them through the complexities and the nuances of healthcare reform.
Vicky Murray, Business Service Consultant, Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board
“The CHRS certification provides in-depth knowledge and the most current direction from experts in government agencies and industry specialists; it’s an essential tool for anyone whose work is impacted by the ACA.”
Bryan Brum, Attorney, Employee Benefits Legal Dept., United Parcel Service (UPS)