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Healthcare Reform Certification Program Overview & Designation Maintenance

You are well on your way.  Whether you are an employer/hr professional looking to save your company from thousands of dollars in fines or  you are an Insurance/HR Professional advising your HR clients of what they need to do in order to stay compliant you’ve come to the right place.  This designation not only teaches you ALL you need to know with the latest information on the Trump transition, the latest information on the American Healthcare Act and the current political landscape but we provide you piece of mind knowing you truly know what is happening with the ACA.

Select Your Study Option:

Online through Digital Classroom

Live, in-person at annual Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress

Whether you choose to take the course online or in person we help you all the way.  If you have a question ASK THE EXPERT has a solution.  Simply email us your question to [email protected] and we’ll get you answers within 24-72 answers from our expert employee benefit attorney faculty.

Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist® Program Guidelines

Complete educational requirements of all course modules and required ACA Thursday newsletter webcast update content

Pass 100-question exam administered after module completion

Maintain CHRS Designation and update healthcare reform credentials with minimum continuing education courses

Required recertification within two years after date of issue

Certification Promotion

With your new designation, begin promoting healthcare reform expertise.

Give Your Brand a Specialty: Use the Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist® or Certified Healthcare Reform Professional® seal on your business card, in your signature and on websites to convey your continued education – and more importantly show your clients and C-Suite that you truly took the time to save them on money and fines.  The ROI from this program is priceless.

Conversation Piece:
Portray dedication and competitive advantage with your certificate and plaque

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Recertification Policy

$150 Annual Renewal Fee or $22 Monthly Renewal Fee for access to continuing education resources:

  • 247+ Continuing Education Units for free
  • Access to all Virtual Summit Webinar Replays
  • Coronavirus Workforce Prepardness Training (free)