Special customized packages are available for groups interested in participating in our group certification programs. Our group packages provide special discounts and extra benefits for groups of 12 or more.

Instructional Training Methods

  • 8 Educational Training Videos/Content, approximately 45-60 minutes in length in one of the following formats:
    • Online classroom through our educational, digital platform
    • Live webcast (additional fee required, please contact for more information)
    • Face to Face proctoring (additional fee required, please contact for more information)
  • Upon completion of all educational training, participants are eligible to take the certification exam.
  • Upon successful completion of certification exam, participants will receive a designation as a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist® in their respective program as well as the certification seal to use on all their business and social media related material.
  • All Certified Healthcare Reform Specialists® will be featured on The Healthcare Reform Magazine website (www.healthcarereformmagazine.com) will be searchable through our unique search functionality by country, state and city with their name, title and company along with a messaging feature allowing the person to be contacted
  • Automatic renewal of certification administered
  • Press Releases/Blogs on company certification and success

Additional Added Value for Group Certifications

  • 12 – 24 Participants ~ 15% off individual certification value
  • 25 – 36 Participants ~ 20% off individual certification value
  • 37 + Participants ~ 30% off individual certification value
  • Customized Q&A follow up based on a compilation of questions submitted by each participant
  • 50% off the purchase of any other certification with enrollment in the group certification program
  • 2-Year Renewal for each associate certification included in group package
  • ($150 value per each individual certification)
  • Custom analysis reports of associates progress and pass/ fail rates

Group certifications are designed for unique and specific accommodations.

*All certification programs are active for two years, with 5 HRs of CE requirements per year to maintain valid certification.